Monday, April 12, 2010

The Top 10 Items I Could Not Live Without!!!

The Top 10 Items I Could Not Live Without!!!

1. Purdy Paint Brushes, I use a Purdy brand paintbrush on all of my furniture. They are the best paintbrushes available.

2. Minwax fast drying Polyurethane, Poly is my BFF!! Superior durability makes it ideal for use on all wood surfaces, I use it on all of my furniture makeovers LUV IT!!!

3. I only use Behr Premium Plus Ultra paints from the Home Depot. The new "Ultra" line includes primer in the paint for a long lasting, gorgeous finish.

4. Valspar Signature Colors Translucent Mocha Glaze. I love to use this glaze on most of my furniture makeovers. I sand my piece first then use a paper towel or brush to rub on the glaze. Once it dries I use a baby wipe to wipe some of the glaze off.

5. Cleaning and baby wipes. I love to use wipes to remove glaze, paint, dust, ect. I could go through a whole pack of these babies in a day!! I use baby wipes for the paint and glaze and use the cleaning wipes mainly for the project clean ups UGH...hate cleaning up projects!

6. Miter Box With Saw. I heart my miter box saw I use it for most of my fun projects!! At first I was scared to use it but now im a pro and love using it!

7. Who can live without a hammer, not me. I use my hammer everyday, I even have a little pink one :)

8. Moulding, I would love to put it in ever single room, all over the room but my hubby would kill me!!

9. Power Sander and sand paper, can't live without these items, would be lost without them!

10. Mod Podge, love to use this on most of my fun crafty projects, always love how these projectd turn out!

Ok so I HAD to add one more, I could NOT live without this, drum roll please........

11. Rust-Oleum Satin Heirloom White General Purpose Aerosol Paint, LUV this!!!!


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  2. Yep, your list looks a lot like my list, and probably a few others too - there are some really good products out there! I will have to check out your brush though, I don't think I have ever gotten one of that brand, and if you have it at number 1, I had better get crackin!

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