Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adorable Little Hair Band and Tutu

Here is an adorable little hair band and tutu that we made for my little niece. Princess Nicolette is having her 6 month pictures taken this week so we wanted to spice them up with a fun matching tutu and hair band. We love all shades of pink for little Nicolette...that is her signature color!!

The hair band was soooo simple to make we just glued a flower onto her cute little hair bow...looks so adorable!!

The tutu was made with tulle and ribbon. We love the final results and can't wait to get princess Nicolettes 6 months pictures back...don't worry I will post her pictures :)

planner Joanne from Oh Goodie Designs commented on how she made her own similar to the ones pictured! She was kind enough to create a TUTU-tutorial.
From Joanne:
First I gather my supplies, a roll of tulle for each color wanting to use.

I measure a yard and a half of ribbon in this case the polka dot, and tie each end to a chair.
Then, I cut about a foot from the tulle roll. I then tie making a pattern as I go the tulle in a double knot. I never tie it too tight as that would defeat the purpose of an adjustable tutu. I leave it loose enough to slide on the ribbon.
Once I finish tying, I then decorate with other coordinating ribbons and bows or flowers.
The tulle can be trimmed evenly as needed. The tutu is tied on with the ribbon in the back. I
t is adjustable to fit by sliding the tulle knots tight or spread out evenly.

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  1. I am loving all of these little hair bows I am seeing. I guess I will have to find me a little girl to adopt so I can dress her up in all of these pretties ;)