Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dining Room Table Makeover

My old beat up Ikea table was in desperate need of a makeover...let the fun begin!! First thing first was to clean it up get all the old marker and crayon stains off of it :) then I sanded that baby down! Then I sanded each chair down which took me forever, thank goodness I have an electric hand BFF! My next step was to prime, oh boy this took me forever I did one chair each night so that they would dry.

My next step was to start painting it black. I used a black satin that I bought from Lowes. I painted three coats and let me say this took me FOREVER...but it was worth it. I love my new dining room table it looks great with my table runner and candles!


  1. Did you use spray paint on the chairs or brush it on? Looks great!

  2. Thanks Sandra, I used a Purdy brush for the chairs, they are my favorite brushes!!