Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

We have to say that our daddy is the best daddy in the whole world...we love him SOOOO big!!
XOXO Cayden and Cody

We had a blast making fun fathers day crafts. We made three dad word blocks and home-made cards. For fathers day we bought my hubby a new pair of sunglasses, made him a dad word block, and a yummy breakfast.  He was so excited when he got home from work this he is catching some ZZZZZZZ's then off for a family BBQ!!

Since my hubby is a police officer we made hime a fun cammo word block to put in his office and matching card.

We made my father and father-in-law fishing word blocks.

Wishing all the fathers a Happy Father's Day!!!


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  2. I LOVE those cammo blocks. How sweet is that!!

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